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Embroidered Keyfob Wristlets!

Never loose your keys again.  These keyfob can be single sided or double sided ready made key chains or Customize for a little more.


Ready made One Sided embroidery    $15

Ready made Double Sided embroider   $17


Scotland Lovers:

With Tartan Fabric Single Side    $17

With Tartan Fabric Double Side    $20


Customized:  Great for Teachers, Parents, Kids backpack, companies, Sport teams, schools,  and so much more:


Single Side  $17

Double Side $20


Side 1:  Examples                        Side 2:  Examples

Name                                                   Room #/Job Title

favor saying                                          Graduation year

Multiple Sclerosis                                 Awareness 2003

Veteran                                                 WWII 1941 /Vietnam 1965

Name                                                   Scottish Clan Name

Single sided Read made Embroidered Keyfob/Wristlet

SKU: 21554345656
  • Keyfob/key chain/ wristlets  6-6 1/2"


    50/50 or 100% fabric

    or polyester ribbon

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