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This is my absolute favorite!  Beauitfully stitched 8x10 plus actual sewn area, the reknown LDS Mormon Nauvoo Temple with over 200,000 stitches.  This comes with a brief caption of the history of the temple itself and the stuggles it and its inhabitence endured. The building was damaged by fire and a tornado before being finally demolished, having been rebuilt to exact specifications in 2002. This embroidery piece captures the essences of the stuggles & pain of those that built it and majestic beauty of the craftmanship in it's appearance.   I love how the stitches seem to grap MORE than just the image that a photo captures... these "photostitches" are a true fiber art that captures the "SPIRIT" of that moment in time.


SPECIAL ORDER:  Please contact me for upgrades or changes;


This piece (alone) Sews out to fit a 8x10 frame 

Can also be matted with an 8x10 matt opening only

(FRAME NOT INCLUDED) ...........or 

with a 8x10 Matt and a 11x13 frame.


Due to size and fragility there will be extra Shipping & Handling.... or if local, can arrange for local  pickup.


Wanting to make it into a statement piece at 8x10... add on:

Matted  only - $5.00

8x10 Frame only  $15.00

11x13Framed ( with matt) - $20.00

Nauvoo LDS Temple

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