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Beauitfully stitched with over 55000 stitches.  This embroidery piece captures the GLAMOR  of Hollywood Movie stars.  Who can forget Hollywoods LEADING man, the ever handsome "Clark Gable"!!!  The man that everyone fell in love with.    I love how the stitches seem to grap MORE than just the image that a photo captures... these "photostitches" are a true fiber art that captures the "SPIRIT" of that moment in time.



This piece (alone) Sews out to fit a 4x6, with a 1/2 matt, mounted in a rustic 5x7 frame  INCLUDED.

with frame, will be extra Shipping & Handling.... or if local, can arrange for local  pickup.


Wanting to make it into a statement piece at 8x10... add on:

Can be sewed out larger with adjusted price, based on size.



Matted  only - $5.00

5x7  Frame no matt  $10.00

8x10Framed ( with matt) - $15.00

Marilyn Monroe framed photostitch

SKU: 284215376135191
  • Photostitch

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