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Don't let the FAVORITE photo disapear or fade away... capture it in Embroidery Stitches!!!! Beauitfully stitched with over 75000 stitches.  This embroidery piece captures your loved one, or favorite memory, keeping them close to you always!  Capture not only the image, but the mood, the emotion and the memory that doesn't come across in a simple photo!    I love how the stitches seem to grap MORE than just the image that a photo captures... these "photostitches" are a true fiber art that captures the "SPIRIT" of your memory, as well as  that moment in time.   This art form has a way of breathing new life into your photo and your memory. 


Photostitch quality is based on quality of PICTURE>  Price Includes CUSTOM digitizing of photo



This piece (alone) Sews out to fit a 5X7

Can fit 5x7 frame or 8x10 (w/mattonly)

or  frame will be extra Shipping & Handling.... or if local, can arrange for local  pickup.


Wanting to make it into a statement piece at 8x10... add on:

Matted  only - $5.00

5x7  Frame no matt  $10.00

8x10Framed ( with matt) - $15.00

Custom Order 5x7

SKU: 366615376135191
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